FATTAL Co.                                مؤسسة فتال لتجارة اللأدوات الصحية                  
Text Box: Fattal Co. Ltd established in 1940 in Aleppo by Mr. Farouk Fattal
specialized in sanitary equipments water pipes  & steam nets,...
Fattal company is the leader in presenting . importing . distributing the products of most 
famous companies. Of Germany , Italy , the company is representative of  Hama porcelain 
company Recently the company established a department for producing of
accessories consistent TUV .ISO 9002
Fattal company contributed in very important projects, in construction of 
hotels ,hospitals ,schools , and community buildings.
The company has Benn the first to introduce the P.V.C pipes in
Syrian market.
Fattal company has contributed in many exhibitions in Syria and
The manager of the Fattal company is Mr. Bashar Fattal . looking
forward to realize great achievements. in these activities

Text Box: Fattal co. is not the only one of its kind , but it is the most dependable and trustworthy one.